Voltaire wasn’t fond of martyrdom.

Once upon a time. War time. Babes were born to be martyrs, fairy tales served as propaganda. Planting seeds of sacrifice in pliant young minds. The same sweet faced brothers killing one another to gain the immortality of heroism. 

These days everyone has an anxiety disorder. Taught to consume through commercials, fear of life with the material. Always on an endless quests to attain beauty, respect, the newest smart phone(?). Distress is a dwindling bank account. Still just another version of patriotism. God is the only casualty of this transition.  The new religion, consumerism. 

To die as a deluded hero, or a comfortable coward?

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Saturday Dec 12 @ 11:54pm
tagged as: He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.. consumerism. spilled ink. religion. material lust.

  1. metaphysicalacrobat answered: "The new religion, consumerism." Isn’t that right? I wish I wrote that.
  2. moon-mist-tobacco answered: We are born into the machine that is humanity, self preservation and the path of least resistance. The only constant is the flow of time.
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